We produce high-quality 3D perspectives.

We produce photo-realistic 3D perspectives of your unique projects, representing them as faithfully as possible according to your specifications, for maximum immersion.

Once your modeling files have been validated and optimized, and after validating the framing together, we’ll work with care and precision on texturing, material and lighting effects, and the staging of characters, furniture and vegetation, to bring your projects to life.

Whether it’s 3D perspectives, competition images, real estate promotion or landscaped visuals, our teams take care to provide maximum detail and realism.

Interior designers

We’ll take care of your perspectives and highlight your objects, with realism and attention to detail as our guiding principles.


We produce competition images, licensing images and communication images for all types of projects.


We create sales images, graphic inserts and all types of realizations to highlight your projects, even large-scale ones.

Local authorities

Need to produce communication images, present a development or rehabilitation project, set up a bicycle path or present a VRD project? we’re here to help you turn your plans and ideas into images.

Single-family home builders

Do you need a book to present your product ranges, communication images or inserts for your permits? We can help you realize and promote your projects.

Why trust us?
For our ambition, mastery, support, realism

Studio L4M, made up of designers, Lumion trainers and expert technicians, uses the most advanced 3D technologies to create your projects and bring them to life.

Do you have a project in mind? We look forward to hearing from you! The team is at your disposal, so don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or a quotation.

Our priority is to meet your needs, support you in your projects and master cutting-edge 3D technologies.