Your project in 5 steps : How it works ? How does Studio L4M work?

Recevez un devis adapté à votre demande 01 Modélisation et optimisation des modèles numériques 02 Suivez en temps réel
le déroulement
de votre projet
03 Votre projet
en 5 étapes
Choisissez vos points
de vue, textures
et ambiance
04 Suivi et Livraison
de votre projet
05 Comment ça marche ?
devis-process-studio-l4m modelisation-3d-process-studio-l4m suivi-deroulement-projet-process-studio-l4m choix-angles-vue-textures-eclairage-process-studio-l4m suivi-et-livraison-projet-process-studio-l4m studio-l4m-process-vos-projets-en-5-etapes

Your projects, our process Studio L4M

3D visual production is a complex art that combines creativity, technology and rigorous project management. At Studio L4M, we’ve fine-tuned every step of our working and collaboration process to ensure not only exceptional artistic results, but also efficient project management.

Find out more about the different stages in our 3D visual production process, from contact to delivery of the finished product.

Step 1: Consultation to draw up a quotation

Assessing your needs

In-depth discussion to understand your objectives, specific needs and expectations with regard to the 3D visual project.

Inventory of files and basic elements

Inventory of native files and basic elements supplied by you.

Drawing up specifications

Technical and artistic details, deadlines, specific objectives and expectations.

Detailed proposal and quotation

A customized project plan, including schedules, deliverables and cost estimates, is submitted to you.

Step 2: Optimization and m3D modeling

Create 3D models from your 2D plans

Our experts can model your project from A to Z using your native 2D files, and we’ll take over from there to create the 3D model according to the detailed specifications provided in the project brief.

Create 3D models from your files

From the digital model supplied (.fbx, .skp, .dae file…), we ensure its successful integration into our 3D modeling and visualization workflow.

Step 3: Real-time monitoring of project progress

Transparent, collaborative working method

Your personalized access to the tracking table on the Monday collaborative platform allows you to follow the progress of each stage of the project in real time, from design to delivery. You’ll have access to all updates, and can ask questions and provide feedback at any time, ensuring smooth, transparent communication.


Step 4: Choosing viewpoints, textures and moods

Choice of perspectives

We highlight your project from different angles, and together we define and validate the various visual productions.

Managing materials and creating ambience

All our creations take into account the management of materials to achieve maximum realism in the reflection, absorption and diffusion of light. The lighting is also adjusted to create the desired lighting ambience.

Stage 5: Final validation, project delivery

Final validation

Your final validation of the finalized image or video renderings will be required before delivery.

Project delivery

Once the productions have been approved, we proceed with the final delivery of the project and provide you with the files in the agreed formats.

Post-delivery follow-up

After delivery, we remain available. Our aim is to ensure total customer satisfaction and facilitate the integration of our 3D visuals into your communications.

Our Studio L4M process ensures transparency, fluidity and follow-up.

Why trust us?
For our ambition, mastery, support, realism

Studio L4M, made up of designers, Lumion trainers and expert technicians, uses the most advanced 3D technologies to create your projects and bring them to life.

Do you have a project in mind? We look forward to hearing from you! The team is at your disposal, so don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or a quotation.

Our priority is to meet your needs, support you in your projects and master cutting-edge 3D technologies.