We produce 3D computer graphics for your urban and landscape development projects: digital models, perspectives, presentation videos.

As aexperts in architectural, technical and landscape 3D visual productionOur Studio creates digital models, 3D perspectives and animated videos to meet a wide range of requirements and contexts: technical files, building permits, project presentations new construction / rehabilitation / requalification…, both in terms of implementation, operation and maintenance.decision support, public consultation and the communication in your achievements.

Digital models and 3D images, at the service of local authorities, are a real support and tool that facilitate the apprehension of a project as a whole, its insertion into the environment and its rendering in the existing urban space.

For your project management, 3D computer graphics and rendering technologies provide a virtual representation of the existing territory, enabling you to carry out simulations, as well as set the scene for any construction, development or urban renewal project.

Our expertise in the field of architecture and our mastery of 3D modeling and rendering enable us to understand the expectations of architects, technical departments, developers and town planners, as well as the technical constraints associated with this type of project.

Entrust us with all types of 3D perspectives.

Local authorities

Our 3D perspectives for your projects: decision support, consultation, communication

Decision support

Based on your AutoCAD, Allplan, SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD or other 3D modeling software, and the technical description of the project (plans, elevations, environment, constraints, etc.), we create photorealistic and technical 3D perspectives.

3D modeling and its integration into the 3D model of the area are a powerful decision-making tool in the development of your project.

The 3D visual productions we produce enable you to simulate and visualize different volumetric hypotheses to validate or invalidate them.

Or, at the preliminary design stage, to be able to visualize the project in space, its impact on the environment, and check its relevance and coherence, its integration into the site.

These 3D perspectives will also be useful for building permit applications.

The 3D modeling of the entire project also enables us to obtain sunlight studies and other studies of exposure to different phenomena, propagation and inter-visibility.

Consultation and communication

In addition to its role as a decision-making tool, 3D also plays a very important role insupporting the project in terms of communication.
3D illustrations are very useful both for public consultation and for explaining the project to partners and the general public.

3D computer-generated images simulating the integration of a project into its environment are a highly effective and efficient information medium. 3D representations allow you toexplain this project to the public in a didactic and concrete way.

As part of the consultation process, you can showcase different development options and explain the choices that have been made. Thanks to these simulations, understanding the project becomes accessible to all, thus encouraging a constructive debate focused on the project.

In addition to high-definition photorealistic 3D perspectives for the production of information media and documents, we can also produce animated films and virtual tours, offering total and immediate immersion in the project.

Local authorities

Our studio offers a wide range of other 3D visual productions.

In order to offer you a complete range of technical and creative services, we produce not only photorealistic 3D perspectives of your projects, but also animated films, project presentation videos, 360° panoramas and virtual tours.

Discover some of the projects we’ve produced for local authorities (3D computer graphics, digital models, perspectives, communication videos).