3D Models: “BULL” Bulldozer

49,99  H.T.

This 3D FBX model package contains 3 variants of the“BULLbulldozer truck in different positions to illustrate your construction project presentations realistically.

These 3D vehicle models are ready to use and customizable : all you have to do is import or create your texture in your rendering engine!

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Bring your construction projects to life with these 3D models of “BULL” bulldozer construction vehicles. This pack offers 3 variations, available as fixed models for your 3D engine.

Easily import these highly detailed FBX files* into your software and embellish your scenes with ready-to-use construction trucks. Customizable 3D vehicle models: simply import or create your own texture in your rendering engine!



N.B.: Please contact us if you require animated models or other formats on existing models.

*Please note that elements can have a substantial number of polygons due to their high resolution, which could lead to a reduction in system performance if used repeatedly in the same project.