3D production studio

Our 3D production studio, for all your architectural, urban & landscape projects

We combine our 3D solutions with our technical and creative expertise to produce digital models, 3D perspectives, images for competitions and permits, animated videos and virtual tours for your decision-making and communication tools.
We provide you with high-quality 3D perspectives and films, because your projects deserve strong, impactful and realistic communication that will demonstrate, convince and make a difference.

Discover our production services
visual 3D

3D perspectives to bring maximum realism to your projects.
We produce your 3D images to make your projects ultra-realistic.

3D animated films for maximum projection.
A true complement to 3D perspectives, they bring your designs to life and provide maximum projection.

3D virtual reality tours for total immersion.
An indispensable tool for delivering a highly immersive and convincing project presentation.

Our 3D visual creation experts
at your service

Our processes are very clear and comprehensive to ensure that you have a clear view of progress and maximum satisfaction with our productions:

– Discuss your project and your wishes

– Joint definition and validation of specifications

– Receiving your elements and data

– Validation of supplied files

– Production

– Intermediate validations and modifications

– Final validation

– Delivery

Our team is equipped with cutting-edge equipment that enables us to provide high-quality services while guaranteeing responsiveness, confidentiality and data security.

Why trust us?
For our ambition, mastery, support, realism

Studio L4M, made up of expert designers, trainers and technicians, uses the most advanced 3D technologies to create your projects and bring them to life. We use dozens of cutting-edge software programs, from modeling to rendering (notably Lumion).

Do you have a project in mind? We look forward to hearing from you! The team is at your disposal, so don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or a quotation.

Our priority is to meet your needs, support you in your projects and master cutting-edge 3D technologies.